Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I got a call from him when I was waiting for him on the porch, I knew it couldn't be good. He told me it was a hit and run, and that he just needed me to carry the bike. No ambulance or anything. I ran and met him at the G stop, he was swerving side to side on the sidewalk. We passed a group of thug types that were loitering on the corner (I say types because they weren't really thugs). They acted all tough and tried to talk to andrew and sell him coke, he just got up in their face and asked for bandages and showed them his hand spilling blood. They moved away. Then some bike kid with stretched earlobes was like "just go home and clean the fuck out of that".....Thanks...i guess??. Seriously - No bodegas had first aid kits, we resorted to even asking at a laundromat. It was a mess of a walk home, it was like we were in a ghetto, oh wait, isn't that a synonym for Greenpoint? Except in a ghetto I'm sure you would pay less for an apartment.