Tuesday, December 27, 2011


A few months ago I had the opportunity to photograph backstage for MTV's new show "I Just want my Pants Back". I was greeted immediately by a super friendly crew who led me on a tour of the set. What struck me most was the accuracy of the Brooklyn apartment. It had the same stairwell, the same Ikea furnishings, the same windowpanes, and the same crappy kitchen I've seen in almost every apartment near my house. It felt eerie in a way, like they were filming my life.
I continued on my tour, meeting the actors, seeing them read through lines. I noticed how excited everyone was to be there. Anyone who works in films knows the hours are long, there is a lot of hurry up and wait, but no one seemed to mind. As I was talking to Jordan Carlos (plays the character Eric) he leaned against a wooden post in the "loft", and knocked over a prop necklace that was hanging. He fumbled to find it on the floor and replaced it on its hook all while joking, "Don't worry its okay, I'm an ACTOR." This was the vibe of everyone there, not taking themselves too seriously, having a good time, and really trying to make something special.
The author of the book the series is based on, David Rosen, spoke about the project with passion and sincerity. He reflected on his own experiences years ago in Brooklyn, what it is to be young, just one train stop away from Manhattan, in between adolescence and adulthood. His excitement was contagious and he was a pleasure to meet.
I didn't leave until about midnight. Riding my bike home, on real Williamsburg streets, I thought - this feels weird, someone is making a show set in my own neighborhood.....and I'm so excited to see it on screen.

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