Monday, October 13, 2008

oh yeah, and this is crazy

click on the fashion section of NYLON's website and you will find my pictures. I don't even remember sending them these. A little story to these pictures, the day we shot that model I was wearing that gingham shirt, I decided it would look good with the backpack against green. I gave her my shirt (I bought it from Nordstrom in Utah) and we shot it. Months later, here it is on Nylon. The products are less eventful, however it is cool to see them up there too. However, Nylon gave credit to Paul Frank and Pottery Barn which makes me kind of mad since those are my images for I don't know how that whole thing works, but they really should be giving fred flare the credit.


Last night I was laying in bed and the thought occurred to me that I want to be in New York. Up until now it has just seemed like the natural thing to do. It wasn't a matter of wanting it, I just didn't think there was anywhere else to go. Now I want it, and that makes things 10 times easier. The feeling may not last, but for now its working.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


My favorite adventures are the ones I find on craigslist. today i bought a couch and a coffee table from 2 different people. Each of those people were remarkable in their own way, one was a filmmaker, the other was a sculptor. They were both so nice, and great conversationalists. I want to be friends with them so badly, I just don't quite know how to make the transition from craiglist buyer to "hey lets hang out sometime."

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Alissa pointed out that I should post something new already. She's right. Updates are as follows:
1. Last night a friend came to visit from Chicago. I knew him in Vegas 5 years ago. He helped me remember who I am. It was better than great. It's been a long time since I've been able to talk with someone and feel like we completely understand eachother. So much gets lost in communication styles. Ours fits together.
2. Work has been better lately.
I got insurance, which gave me buyers remorse. I always get depressed when I make a commitment even if its a good one.
3. I discovered the penny lick (sounds gross but let me explain). When you walk down Bedford there is a little ice cream shop with vegan options. I can get a baby cone of chocolate soy ice cream for a dollar. Delicious.
4. Matt Wood is my best everyday friend. Right now I'm sitting on his bed with my laptop while makes music on the computer.
5. I might officially be a working stiff with nothing interesting to talk about. I've lost my personality in 4 months of 50 hour photoshop workweeks.
6. I'm buying a grey couch for $400. Adult purchase?
7. I think I'm seeing Nick and Norah's mixtape movie tonight with the boy's club.