Saturday, October 11, 2008


My favorite adventures are the ones I find on craigslist. today i bought a couch and a coffee table from 2 different people. Each of those people were remarkable in their own way, one was a filmmaker, the other was a sculptor. They were both so nice, and great conversationalists. I want to be friends with them so badly, I just don't quite know how to make the transition from craiglist buyer to "hey lets hang out sometime."


holly said...

post a missed connection on craigslist :)

but seriously i have ideas on how to do this but if I wrote it out here I might sound creepy somehow.

I showed mom that british kid video on my page and she said we talked exactly like that ( sans the accent) when we were little.

ps. glad you liked my book i'm sending in to kev :)

meg said...

hi chaunte. it's me- orem meg. or as chris likes to call me these days, "oremigger". i don't really understand "oremigger", but i guess that's my new nickname.

anyway, i wanted your phone number today (but i couldn't find it) so i could send you a nice text. i was just thinking about you for some reason and wanted to say hello! and maybe tell you a pervy joke.

anyway, waaaaasup! i am going to keep up with your blog, so you better keep updating it.