Monday, October 13, 2008

oh yeah, and this is crazy

click on the fashion section of NYLON's website and you will find my pictures. I don't even remember sending them these. A little story to these pictures, the day we shot that model I was wearing that gingham shirt, I decided it would look good with the backpack against green. I gave her my shirt (I bought it from Nordstrom in Utah) and we shot it. Months later, here it is on Nylon. The products are less eventful, however it is cool to see them up there too. However, Nylon gave credit to Paul Frank and Pottery Barn which makes me kind of mad since those are my images for I don't know how that whole thing works, but they really should be giving fred flare the credit.


chris almond said...

you were robbed!

The Gorbott said...

C.V. what is up dude?

Version #2 said...

I am bored of seeing this post day after day...I'm dinging the buzzer.