Sunday, February 25, 2007

the last sunday of the month

today i found out that one of my visiting teachers works for an image consultant. i was thrilled to find out that in the real day to day world, there is someone you can hire for a personal evaluation on wardrobe, hair, makeup, and overall appearance. i thought maybe alissa would be interested in doing something like that, so i asked about it. she would make 40 dollars an hour to start out with, and she would be really good at it because she is so personable and kind. she would be able to help people that wanted help without seeming snotty. but during this whole conversation i was wickedly thinking, this girl (the visiting teacher who works for the image consultant) needs some image consulting herself. she has the wardrobe and appearance of a middle school teacher out of 1993. but who am i to judge?

here is the link to the company that does image consulting all over the united states.
you can pay $80 an hour to have a personal evaluation
the website really explains so much, you have to see it to believe it


The Gorbott said...

i can for shizzle help out with the shoot on friday. day off. what times?

Chaunté Vaughn said...

11-3? i really don't know what to expect. it is 6 portraits, each in a different office. so we have to put up the lights each time. i don't think it will take 4 hours but shoots always take longer than expected.
thanks for the help!

hanner said...

Oh man! I read an article written by this woman one time... I should find it, it's about long tank tops and camisoles. Her conclusion--slutty. Like wearing lingerie that's visible to the world.

Anyway. She seems really old school, soo... it doesn't surprise me that she hired an assistant that dresses like it's 1993.

Version #2 said...

I would rock that lady's world...and her image consulting business.