Monday, November 5, 2007

self proclaimed

list form
1. I am accepting my suburban white culture, my art is going to accept it too. Its all the credibility I have as a background, its what I have to draw from. I have to start using it, see what it can give me.
2. I have been working too hard
3. I want to live in luxury, I like luxurious things.
4. I would make a fantastic aristocrat, I want to eat exotic food, make art, and sleep on huge fancy bed in a warm climate. I want to read.
5. I want to have a fancy Christmas party
6. I want to have a Down and Dirty dance party.
7. I love my friends
8. I'm so sick of school


TARA said...

I want it all; money, fast cars
Diamond rings, gold chains and champagne. Shi_, everydamn thing

I want it all; houses, expenses
My own business, a truck, hmm, and a couple o' Benz's

I want it all; brand new socks and drawls And I'm ballin everytime I stop and talk to y'all

I want it all, all, all, all
I want it all.

kahea said...

the sooner the better