Saturday, April 26, 2008

to all readers: a call for rescue

have a weird thing to ask you all. I decided to take a graphic design job in salt lake for a month or less. I'll probably end up sleeping on my boss' couch. But I was wondering, if you are leaving a vehicle here while you go to New York, or if you just have an extra one laying around? could I pay you to use your car? is that even possible? or do you know anyone who could lend me a vehicle? or a place to lay my head?




Kelli said...

Chaunte, I do actually have a car in Utah, I need it May 2-5 and not again until around May 29th when I come back. Only problem is the AC isn't working and overheats if you turn it on. Give me a call if you can't get one that has a working ac (i might have you take it in somewhere to see if it can get fixed, and i'd obviously pay for all that). It's staying at my sister's house in west jordan.

Kelli said...

PS: It's a 2002 Mazda Protege

Anonymous said...
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