Friday, December 12, 2008

the moon is so bright tonight!

The moon is the closest its been to the earth in 15 years. Its so bright it burns my eyes! (just a little). I love how the moon effects the earth's tides. I like to romance about how it changes the tide in our blood as well. Look at the chart, the blue is the predicted tide rise, and the red is the actual tide rise. Its so high! Its like the earth is in a big bathtub and its creeping in just a little more to stay warm.


The Gorbott said...

courtney and i were just talking last night how crazy bright the moon was. isn't it magical how we were looking at the same moon at the same time thinking the same things.

Version #2 said...

A woman in my check out line made this comment about the moon:

"I just want to reach out AND embrace it!" (She said this in a magical and breathless voice too by the way.)