Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my mom is getting a little famous in the airbrush world

I would like to send these pictures to a lover someday and say "this is the family you could be a part of, are you ready?" My mom is the coolest. She is in airbrush magazine this month, and is being flown all over the country to do demonstrations at makeup conventions. I love that this is such a big part of our family, its really the one thing I know of that has been a tradition for us my whole life. Making people look really really scary has always brought us together. I still remember the feeling of the cold air on my hand as a little girl when my mom would airbrush hearts on me. I know I talk about it a lot, but its so great!


Rupeshow said...

awesome. i remember when your mom airbrushed francesco that halloween we all rolled down to vegas.

Chris Almond said...

That is really cool. I knew your mom did some air brushing, things like haunted houses, but had no idea it had become so big. Good for her, that must be nice to have something like that to do, especially when your kids are all growing up and moving out. How did she get in 'Air brush Magazine'? that is so funny that such a magazine even exists, though not at all surprising. For what reason is she airbrushing in those posted photos.

wattysgurl said...

ooohhh. Cheryl you are so awesome. You have come such a long way from your airbrush days on the beach. Congrats on the success!