Thursday, August 27, 2009

vignette 4

5 Leaves is a restaurant that was once co-owned by Heath Ledger, it's right on the border of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. She was a little late getting to dinner, he met her there and waited outside. He asked a lot of questions and she ended up talking mostly about herself. He talked about architecture theory and what happens when art is hindered or complimented by function. She asked about what he thinks its like to live in a postmodern world, in a generation that still reaches so for Utopian modernism. She is 26 and working in photography, he is 32 and getting his ph.D. upstate. Dinner was better than expected, mussels, cheese, bread, portuguese wine. The table was small and their knees kept hitting eachother. It was hard to hear. Afterward they went to a party on a 2nd Avenue rooftop. It was a whirlwind of hellos, he was quiet, she introduced him politely. It rained in the city but was dry in Brooklyn. They hugged goodbye on the train home and got off at different stops on the L.

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