Saturday, November 28, 2009

thanksgiving in new jersey

The food was traditional and comforting. Traditional because it was the same food my mom makes, comforting for the same reason. I went 40 minutes north of Manhattan with Andrew to spend the holiday, eating, watching Home Alone, Planet Earth, and sitting in a cozy loveseat surrounded by houseplants, cherrywood, and books. The house looked like the one from The Royal Tenanbaums, but 30% less surreal. I kept blinking, wondering how I ended up sitting at a table with a jovial Evangelical minister, his inviting wife, and their son. I was watching myself in a movie, from a sphere of mormons and track homes.


mrs. everything said...

We really missed you!

Chris Almond said...

How did you end up in such a home?

Chaunté Vaughn said...

My friend Andrew invited me to go about a month ago. He told me there was a lazyboy at his house with my name on it. I was so happy I went.