Tuesday, March 23, 2010

follow up to the sister texts

Of course the cheapest flights to Europe right now are to London from New York. I was really hoping for cheap tickets to Barcelona. My greatest desire is actually go to as far from London as possible. Where are those tickets sold and can I get them for under $500? Although, if I could meet up with Bardhi I would go. There are several questionable things I have agreed to do in the past, based on the stipulation of his involvement. This would be another one.


naomi said...

Try ryanair.com, easyjet.com, and aerlingus.com (strangely they often have flights that don't just go to ireland)

Chaunté Vaughn said...

are you and andy still in britain? i would go if you were there. I could even babysit if you needed a nap. Have you had your baby yet? You are probably having it right now.