Thursday, August 9, 2007

rain/tornado warning/flooding!/new york

Yesterday it rained insanely hard for about 2 hours, which caused not only the subways to flood, but alissa and matts apartment as well. matt woke up to his mattress floating (with him on it), alissas shoes floating by which had traveled from her room to his, and the fan on the floor splashing the water that had collected. meanwhile i was sleeping upstairs, but was wakened and shakened at 6:30 am by thunder so loud that it sounded like it was right on top of us. i usually find storms soothing, but this one was crazy.
This was the beginning of the adventure.
Yesterday was scheduled to be my first attending of a real New York photoshoot. (Now 7:30 am.) I decided to call a car to make sure I would get to the shoot on time, every line was busy, I called about 5 different numbers and companies but nothing would work. So on my bike I hurried to the train stop. On Bedford and 7th North were tons of people milling around on their phones wondering what to do because as it happened, all the trains were stopped due to flooding. For some reason i was still not worried, I knew I would be late, but I am very resourceful, and I usually find a way to get things done, I would find a way to my shoot.
I was standing at the train stop when a girl with a Boston accent and blue eyes asked me what was going on and where I was trying to go. I told her the trains were stopped and I was going to the west side, she happened to be going there too. She said she would have to have her boyfriend drive her, so I casually asked if I could go along. She said sure and that was that, I ended up hanging out at her apartment for about an hour and then her boyfriend (a true New York catholic italian) drove us into the city. One second they would be fighting and yelling and the next they would be calmly inquiring about mormonism. We exchanged numbers and I was off.
Now about 11:00. I arrived at the photoshoot. To sum it up I will make a list
-all male models, a russian, a taiwanese, a white american, and a black american
-abstract sweatsuits
-modern dance (the photographer asking me to give examples of it)
-me playing dj (but using arthurs awesome playlist most of the time)
-me pushing the modeling light button all day
-the 19 year old russian boy was playing with a baby at one point, and then at another was making machine gun noises while rolling back on the floor. He put the Michael Jackson song on repeat, he sang along with a cute russian accent, he drank 3 cans of pepsi while saying how much he loved it, and he danced like the happiest little boy in the world. so i had to get his number.
-I stayed until everyone was gone, I fell asleep on the the train home, and was dreaming by midnight.
I made 3 new friends yesterday, it was so fun. I love New York.

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