Tuesday, September 11, 2007

new post for alissa!

I have been having a pretty good time in Provo lately. School has been super busy, I'm starting on my BFA year and I have to decide on 3 projects (2 for fine art, 1 for BFA) by tomorrow! yikes! there are too many things I want to do!
Work has been busy, I put up 2 exhibits in the last week.
The band is going really well, it is so fun! I can't wait till we have a show! although I do have to work on my stage presence, I tend to concentrate really hard and my face is stiff, or my mouth hangs open. Embarrassing!
I also decided to do Goth Prom on Saturday October 13th. Mark your calendars! GOTH PROM III 2007! If you will let me have it at your house that would be cool, and I need a projector this year. Anyone??
And in latest as in the last hour news, I am having an art show in November. I need models. Call me if you want to volunteer your body/face/self.



maxeverything said...

i can be a face

The Gorbott said...

i can be a body

kari said...

I think Suzanne's wedding reception is the 13th of October?

Nate Housley said...

i can be a stand-in for Max's face

mrs. everything said...

I can be a butt, or face...not that there's that much difference.

also, I bet we could do goth prom at my house- rachel slough says it looks like it should be haunted so it's a natural fit right?

If I can help you with any of your projects let me know!

manda said...

my elbows. kidding!

naomi said...

how about max with quinn's body. that ought to go down well.

bardhi haliti said...