Tuesday, September 4, 2007

too excited

its 4:20 am. funny. i might delete this post because i think i am a little out of it right now. i can't sleep, i'm too excited for school and we had band practice before i went to bed and i can't get the music out of my head. my brain feels like spaghetti by the way. bret is a really good musician, i feel lucky to be playing with him. quinn is really good too. courtney and i have never been in a band and i feel like we are doing well because quinn and bret are so good. it's like learning from the best. i always feel so lucky when i get to dance with someone really good because then i learn to be better, i think it is the same thing with making music.
by the way i was able to add tap dancing to my list of classes, which means i will finally be able to teach my body to do what i do in my head almost all day long. tap tap tap shuffle the buffalo!
laura said that if i were a stereotype of myself i would be a vaudeville star. i don't know if she knows how happy that made me. i really want to be a vaudeville star more than almost anything.


mrs. everything said...

so awesome! I would love to be a vaudevillian someday too. I was going to take tap this semester but it didn't quite work out. :( I am so jealous.

The Gorbott said...

you should not delete this one. it is a keeper.

Version #2 said...

HELLOooooo!!! Give me a post damn it.