Monday, June 8, 2009

10 things i learned while in vegas this weekend

1. my mom was in theatre in junior high and played the tin man in the wizard of oz
2. my grandmother has an unfiltered disposition, especially in front of a crowd
3. holly is amazing, I need her to be my life assistant
4. alex and I are a lot alike (knew that, just further affirmed)
5. my great great grandmother was in a mental hospital for 30 years of her life (which is strangely relieving, it explains a lot)
6. my dad is really cool (I new that one already)
7. My homeward is amazing (already knew). Leaving the church would be too hard because of their humbling examples of awesomeness.
8. I love target in vegas because it is mostly empty, clean, and has lots of stuff you need
9. I'm pretty sure I don't want to have a wedding
10. I can iron 10 tables of linen in 2 hours

1 comment:

RO.MA. said...

here here on the Target! Same goes for here... i think it is a new york thing for Target to be ultra trashy... which equals ultra bummer! :(