Sunday, June 21, 2009

vignette 2

So I am on the A train going to Zack and Brenda's house, I look across from me and there is a very interesting man sitting across from me. He is all muscle, black, short dreds, stocky, compact like a warrior. He has long eyelids and long spaces between his facial features. He wears campers, simple dark jeans, and a blue t-shirt. He has a compact black backpack stocked full, and a monopod in one hand. All of this implies strength and masculinity, body builder, Vin Diesel comes to mind, but at the same time, he is flipping and twirling his hair like a girl. Eventually we meet in a staring contest. You know, the way you and another passenger just look around at nothing, but accidentally meet eyes. That happens and I eventually cracked a smile. He smiled back, and we went back to looking at nothing. It was normal, but for some reason I felt like we understood each other. It was probably the monopod. Anyway, I have my head down for a few more stops, he gets out somewhere around 103. I catch him glance back at me through the door. I look to the window and smile as he passes. He smiles back soo big, I see him through the second door still looking back so this time I wave. He gets a skip in his step and grins as the train doors close and he walks down the platform. I don't know what we shared, but it was so nice, and it was so New York.


duskydarlinghue said...

this is what i love about ny! everyone is secretly looking for a momentary romance.

Arthur Anchors said...