Thursday, October 15, 2009


Alright, I haven't read the profile for an aquarius since I started using the internet. Last time I read it I think I was in a Borders book store, or a library. Andrew (he lives next door) said he was bored at work and read about the Leo sign (which he is) and it surprised him how accurate it was. So, bored at 11 at night, I read mine. Its completely right, although I overcame my need to collect things when I was about 18 and decided not to do that. And also, I'm not obsessed with gadgets. I am however, interested in outer space, the future, emotionally detached, love conspiracy, love good intellectual exercise through conversation, adventure seeking, open minded and accepting, yet stubborn in my ideas, surround myself with eccentrics, afraid of boredom, scatterbrained, tactless (I'm working on that), and act as a stabilizing force for others. In short, the shipping manager at my work says I'm a Phoebe.

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Visions Of Danit said...

I once read in my horoscope that my sign was the spinster sign. I have stop reading my horoscope since then.