Friday, October 2, 2009

utah trip list

1. alissa my skinner i loooooove. food network is therapy, I hope I can let go of control, I need to read that book you mentioned.
2. nate housley, how did we become such good friends? sorry i didn't get any pictures with you. Sorry I made you wait on the corner for so long. Remember when you visited new york and stayed at my house? and we spent valentines day together?
3. erin flynn my giiiirl, lets go to mexico on vacation. I'm serious about it. It was so good to see you.
4. provo, the personalities are all there, but they are in different and younger bodies. I also decided it is harder being lonely there, because you get the sense of being rejected. In other places, being lonely is manageable because you are not confronted with 3,000 kids with your same interests and beliefs that view you as dispensable. In other places you understand why you are lonely. It's because no one is there, or you are surrounded by people that you wouldn't relate to anyway.
5. (car ride to the airport) Davey, you answered all my questions. I love you so much and can we please have more confessional conversations?
6. Salt Lake, I love it, but I think I've become addicted to the pace of New York. Despite all it has to offer, the trees, the food, the huge affordable housing, the boys, and the possibility of leisure time; I think I am in New York for the long haul.
7. (conversations from a bike ride) Leland, we had such aspirations of spending time together. Now you are dating someone. Bummer. And yes, maybe I live in New York so I don't have to date. Maybe I work so much because I'm afraid of dating. The truth is, I'm just tired, and burned. Not in the normal way from being 26 years old and mormon, in ways that I think I am allowed to take as long as I need. Also, I'm not really interested in dating right now in my life, I have so many other things I need to get done!
8. Liz Preston, I want to take you with me in my pocket everywhere I go.
9. (lunch at pizzeria 712) Mark and Julie, the best job I ever had was working with you guys. Please come visit. I'm sad you both had a rough year, these are the days days days of our lives.
10. Alex girl, you best be getting some sleep these days, you are a night owl! I like when we went to visit justin and hiro together.
11. The best thing was walking into my friends houses and seeing my paintings hanging there. It made me feel so loved. Becky, Alissa, Davey. It was such a pleasant surprise I'll never forget. In addition I love seeing so many friends use my images as their profile pics. Its like seeing someone wear the sweater you bought them.
12. Twelve...lets make this an even number. uhhhh ummm. Slimmy? yep Slimmy

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