Thursday, December 31, 2009

alissa said it was time for a new post

and she is right. I'm starting to think maybe I will just write this for her. Like the letters of griffin and sabine, watch the conversation as it unfolds between two old friends. I was introduced to that book in high school and i always liked it, however, at the moment I can only recollect what it looks like and nothing of what was written. That is typical of me, i forget what was said or who said it, but I remember distinctly the look, smell, and feeling of the communication. Maybe this is why I come off as scatterbrained. Which I am, and I'm totally okay with it. Mo, calls me a Phoebe.
Tonight was New Years Eve, nothing will ever top the New Years Eve I had in Provo when Gifford let everyone come to the Motel 8 to swim and dance, I like Gifford so much for helping to make that memory. I feel like a lot of people now are too lazy to make memories, they expect it to just happen, but the thing with memories is that often they take a bit of effort, and a bit of magic. Tonight was a let down, not because of how I spent my midnight, but because no one had a sense of adventure. I had it, but I need partners in action to really make it happen. Oh well though, at least I was with friends.

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Version #2 said...

Yes! I write my blog with you in the back of my mind as well. "No sense of adventure" is a total let down - I feel this is the case a lot here. Kahea has been visiting and he is always up for adventure; I realized how fun it was and how much I miss having a sidekick.

Also I missed that Giff New Year's Eve :( I was in CA. boo hoo hoo wah wah wah