Thursday, December 10, 2009

fears fears fears

I'm afraid of not doing things right, so when good opportunities present themselves, I just get really depressed because I might fail. If I fail then I feel worthless. I have to remember that value is not performance based, I can be valuable without doing things "right". I feel like people have a lot more faith in my abilities than they should. I think its because I'm tall, they think I know what I'm doing when I totally don't have any idea what the heck I am doing. ever. In other news, I'm singing in the choir Christmas program on Sunday and I'm pretty happy about it. I haven't done that in over 10 years, and its something I enjoy.


naomi said...

I like this. Sing your face off.

Ashley said...

ahh yes. "right". i can't seem to stop doing this either.we should discuss further at a later the mean time, i am thinking of you my little cupcake.