Sunday, February 21, 2010

cab driver

Before I forget, I was in a cab last week and had the following experience. I sat in the front seat and my 3 friends were in the back, classical music was playing, I said "great music." The driver, a strong wise sounding black man with a resonating deep voice and accent said to me, "classical music is the only music that doesn't detract, it always gives." I was immediately hooked, anything he said to me at that point I would have believed." He said he was from Guyana, and then asked how many countries were in South America. I thought, "this is just like cash cab!"- awesome. I guessed 20, there are 13. Then he proceeded to name all the capitals of each country. It was one of the best cab rides I've ever experienced.

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Johnny Keating said...

shit dude if this is what new york life is like i want in!