Tuesday, January 16, 2007


would it be blasphemy to say that most of the time, paintings are more striking than photographs? i know i am a photo major, but already i can see that i am more partial to my sketches than i am to my photography. lately i love the escape that comes with drawing because of the intimate focus it requires. it also requires me to take a chance, in that i must have faith that what the sketch will become, is greater than what i immediately see. often a photograph requires little faith because i can picture what the end result will be almost immediately. i love photography for that, it is good for me when my life is going fast. but right now i want to stop, i want to focus, and i want to have faith. i want to paint.


chrisalmond said...

blasphemy indeed. how did you know i have a blog?

Hanner said...

You are so talented! It kills me.

No really, so lucky to be such a great artist (both photog and painting-wise).