Tuesday, January 23, 2007


ipod shuffle was good to me, i listened to animal collective, the smiths, the books, and i especially liked "woman king" by iron and wine. i wish i knew how to post songs on here.
on the way walking home, a BYU devotional by Jeffery R. Holland came on. it caught my attention because he told 2 detailed stories, and at the end he said that neither of them was true! but that were useful if you are ever giving a devotional. that is so funny! i would like to give a talk and make up some story and then tell everyone it wasn't true, that's a pretty good joke. then he talked about love as a "how" subject. and he expressed that love should be shown and not just felt. i thought that was good advice, we all know it is true but it is still good to hear.

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Bret said...

Birfday Poorty!

That's how I would say it were I black.

Right? Right.