Tuesday, January 9, 2007


for my editorial photography class i need to come up with 5 topics to do photo stories on. i am having trouble thinking of things in utah to document that interest me. i don't want to do anything that has already been done, or cliché or boring. i am not really a journalist, i get really nervous about photographing people iwithout them knowing.
I am considering documenting the indulgent spending utah that causes the state to be more in debt than anywhere else in america. for example, my 26 year old cousin lives in ogden and has what looks like a $30,000 SUV that i doubt he can afford. i would like to photograph him with it, and other people like him.
i might also photograph examples of the hunting community in Utah. my bishop is really into it.
other than that, i don't really know what to document.
are there any events in utah over the next semester that might be good to shoot?
does anyone have any ideas for me?


Cache said...


mrs. everything said...

I like the idea of documenting people who live beyond their means...
I also think eating disorders could make for some really stunning/terrifying/disturbing/enlightening
editorial photos- but it could be hard to get volunteers, although the effect could be even better without faces. this also wouldn't be that difficult given the prevalence of them in utah. just a thought.

Brig said...

Mexican restaurants. Lawn sales. Taco stands.

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vantastic said...

what about the Harikrishna festival of colors?? that could be great if you could capture it...or weddings.