Friday, July 17, 2009

best parts of cambridge and akron

it didn't matter what I wore
harvard looks like hogwarts
vegan food is delicious (thanks betty)
max is still one of my favorite people to photograph
clean parks
seurat sunday afternoons

walking in the grass barefoot without fear of dog poo or hypodermic needles
great thrift stores that have not been picked over
real houses with real yards
back porch
easy access to Target! (again with Target, I know)
7 hours in the car with Jen and I'll still never get bored.


Rachel. said...

harvard does look like hogwartz. and vegan food is delicious. especially when made by betty.

Rachel. said...

p.s. real houses with real yards area also wonderful. and worth writing home about. or blogs about. and I will always love target.