Friday, July 17, 2009

I still might always want what is bad for me

I might be addicted to doing the wrong thing. For a long time I have known grad school is the way to go for me, but because it seems so right, I can't do it. Its too easy, I have to do New York because its hard, I do photography because its hard, I date boys that drive me nuts because if I really like them, it won't work out. Despite knowing this about myself, I don't really have motivation to change.


Version #2 said...

Perhaps your definition of "wrong" is actually right. What dictates all the things you want are therefore wrong?. I think that's the key point in case!

RO.MA. said...

Insert ROXY in your back pocket, and there you will find me giving you one BIG spankin!!!

Chaunté Vaughn said...

hahahah! I miss you Roxy!! Where are you when I need a moral compass?!

RO.MA. said...

Miss you too kid!
moral compass is right! :[) ha!
how are you!!????