Thursday, July 16, 2009

creepy? old? greasy? hip?

Sometimes when you are walking down Bedford, its hard to tell until you get close whether the guy walking toward you is a creepy old man, or a hipster. Depending on how far you are away from Williamsburg, and how close you are getting to Greenpoint, determines the likelihood of which possibility is more likely.


duskydarlinghue said...
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duskydarlinghue said...

this always makes me laugh especially when they turn out to be homeless. but the best is when you're checking out a guy from a distance and then he turns out to be a girl. awesome.

Rachel. said...

I definitely saw some old men on a bus in boston that could have been mistaken for hipsters. they weren't creepy. they were just old men. wearing old men's clothes. which leads me to wonder when old men's clothes became synonymous with hipster fashion. I don't know the answer. but it has happened.