Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1 year benchmark

I've been in New York for one year. I moved here on May 22 2008. It really feels like I've just blinked.

What have I gained? An apartment, great food, experimental experiences, heart palpitations, a few wrinkles, a few pounds, a therapist, a love for Matt Wood and Tyler Smart, easy access to cool culture, a dog once a week, and a Jen Koehl.

What have I lost? my long hair, a large group of awesome friends that live no more than 10 blocks away, free time (did I ever have that?), mountains, space, photography ambition, and alissa in her egg car outside my door at the snap of my fingers.

was it worth it?

1 comment:

RO.MA. said...

You are so cute Chaunte!!! And FYI..that necklace looks darling on you!! ;-) wink wink! and p.s. congrats on your first year! YOU MADE IT! :[)