Thursday, May 14, 2009

please check my work. my memory is rusty

Alissa made a quiz about herself and said I should make one too. I was trying to think of questions, but everything I thought of had to do with hilarious moments in provo and nothing really to do with me. I think I will eventually post some of those thoughts, but this is the tangent that led me to realize, the years are blurring so much for me, I've got to sort them out somehow. So, I'm going to try and categorize the years by Halloweens since 2004.

2003: sci fi 60's girl with a lazergun. Las Vegas, awesome party at Todd's house. Andrew was my counterpart with hockey pads, no shirt, and ski pants. Kyle was a Jedi, and Cullen didn't dress up.

2004: sci fi 60's bodysuit costume with max. he was a bobsledder. that was also the year everybody came out to vegas for the weekend before halloween, arthur was jiggly puff. midwife crisis played at the provo art museum

2005: skeleton costume with arthur. but i actually ended up spending it with liz and stefan, arthur was rufio. there was a big party at the cabin

2006: i can't remember for the life of me what this was. i know i was dating (sort of) stefan, i lived in that mansion that i got kicked out of and moved into the clinic. was that the pirate year? pirate costume with holly. holly had tattoos. but that halloween i spent with chase. where was alissa? this all makes no sense to me. georgiana wore the skeleton costume from 2005 and stuffed it with pillows- amazing.

2007: matt wood was andy warhol, alissa was edie segwick, was I also andy warhol at one point? arthur was bill the butcher. was that really all i did besides goth prom? that can't be right.

2008: masquerade costumes with arthur. trip to philly. delicious morrocan food..

i don't think these are right. my stories are full of holes. help me out? does anyone remember?


Version #2 said...

2005: I was in Omaha.
2006: I was still in Omaha until the week after Halloween when I came home early.
2007: Yes, you were Andy Warhol. Yes we had goth prom. Yes that is all we did that year. Besides at some point when we drug the Goth Prom balloon arch on our bikes to Chase's house and stuffed it into his house during their dance party. (A true band of bikers wreaking havoc.)

Ni-chan said...

Dear Chante',
Yeah, you don't know me anymore, but I love your blog. Yep, that's right, I'm e-stalking your blog :P hope you don't mind.
<3 Nicole J.

p.s. your art/photos are amazing, and tell Holly that her art is awesome too. I've told her twice now but I'm not sure she believes me :P

holly said...

ahahahahaah Georgiana as the fat skeleton! I've never laughed so hard. I know I had pictures too I don't know where they went.

david. said...

i remember spending halloween 2006 at starry night for a salt city show. eva was an extra from the movie "the birds". were you there possibly?