Sunday, January 17, 2010

just my luck

So, I have a crush on this guy that works at the bike shop. I often find excuses to walk by, ride by, or walk in and catch a glimpse of him, but totally avoid eye contact. I hope that somehow by doing this I will eventually find an opportunity to talk to him without being a total creep. Yesterday I thought, its nice out, I should ride my bike, but I'll have to pump up the tires at the bike shop, yes! another excuse! I went and of course the crush was there, I stayed turned away and pumped up my front tire. Then it was on to the back tire, I was almost finished when I slid my hand to readjust on the pump. When I finished, I saw the poo on my hand. There was poo on the pump handle! I thought, great, this is the chance I have been given to talk to my bike crush, "Hi, do you have something I can wash my hands with? I got crap on my hand." That would go over great, and not make me appear nerdy at all. Instead of using my golden brown opportunity, I opted to wipe as much as I could on the pavement and ride to my friend's house to wash up. Just my luck.


Version #2 said...

What if you hadn't noticed the poop, got an itchy nose, and smeared a poop-stache across your upper lip. Then decided today would be the day to approach him. You would have been a poop-stache smelling fool as he'd sniff and say hesitantly, "Sorry to interrupt, but is . . . that . . . a . . . poop-stache?!"

Chaunté Vaughn said...

poop stash!!!!!