Sunday, January 10, 2010

some ideas to explore

1. Music like Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Robert Johnson, original rock n' roll- when I hear it, I feel it in my hips. Led Zepplin is still mostly in my hips, but it moves to my head sometimes. Music like New Order and Joy Division I feel in my heart and lungs. Newer music like The Flaming Lips, Health, and Sigur Ros I feel in my head. Does it seem like music is moving further away from sex? Are the drugs doing it? Like moving away from drinking which you feel in your body, and into marijuana you feel in your head? Is sex less interesting as it becomes so much more acceptable? Is music mimicking a social change in which we become more and more asexual? Am I making all of this up?- Probably.

2. I want to paint a night scene on my headboard. Probably white mountains, black outlines, and a gradient blue black sky with a friendly moon.

3. 6 foot canvas in my house is still blank. I have to at least START painting it before my birthday.

4. Being mormon is more and more like being Jewish to me. Its my culture, they are my people, it is my heritage, but it's not necessarily my life. I don't feel like its something that will get in the way of me connecting with others anymore. Although when people find out it immediately changes their perception of me, I am categorized and no longer possible to them. But I aim to change that. I agreed with that perception until recently when I went out with some new friends. They were awesome and I can see myself really connecting with them despite my religion.

5. This is my year of confessions. Ask me anything and I will tell you. It's something I'm trying to do so I won't be so emotionally distant. But whenever I confess something I get a little sad, like I gave up something important, only to be left a little emptier. I guess that is what you risk, and good friends don't leave you feeling emptier. But you won't find out who they are until you confess.


canne said...

i have that problem too. emotional distance. and as a theme, i dont think sex will ever become less interesting. it seems like every book ever written is about love, hate, death, and sex. (exaggeration, but why so prevalent? because they are such consuming aspects of the human experience?)

for confession: name 5 things we wouldn't expect about you.

Version #2 said...

This is great; really great! Perfect ideas to consider. Ima thinkin!

Nate H. said...

R. Kelly

Chaunté Vaughn said...

1. I moved to new york because I thought it would make me prettier
2. The reason I'm skinny is that I'm always hungry and I don't eat.
3. I am not keen on the new health care plan. In its reformation, the parts that were supposed to make it good have been taken out. It's not going to change anything. Health care in america will still suck even if it passes.
4. When I look in the mirror I see sloth from the Goonies looking back so I think I should stay home.
5. The one relationship I will always regret I lost, was the one with Laura Eastin.
6. As a kid I wanted to be a composer.

Anonymous said...
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Chaunté Vaughn said...
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